Young Life has been an organization since 1941.


Our Mission

“Introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.” - Young Life

Oh Lord Jesus, give us the teenagers, each one for at least long enough for a meaningful confrontation with Thee. We are at best profitable servants but Thy grace is sufficient. O Though Holy Spirit, give us the teenagers, for we love them and know them to be awfully lonely... good Lord, give us the teenagers.
— Jim Rayburn (Founder of Young Life)

What We've Achieved

  • Working side by side with the local church as we seek to reach the furthest out kids in Harrisonville, MO.

  • Recruited 2 part time staff people that work diligently for our area, Young Life group, and WyldLife group.

  • Assembled a group of adults highly involved in the Harrisonville community to be a part of our Committee.

  • etc.